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" Giano. Pace ambiente problemi globali " was first published in January 1989, and rapidly became one of the most import national reviews. It combines scientific research with ecopacifist and internationalist commitment, which is why "Giano" is a useful cultural tool for both the militant and the scholar, and is indispensible in providing young people with a serious approach to the huge challenges of our immediate future.

These Indexes run from the first issue in January 1989 to numbers 29–30, edited in December 1998. It has been created and published for the use of subscribers, occasional readers, academics and anyone interested in "the global problems of peace and the environment" and the myriad of subjects concerning the world today and the new century that is dawning that come under our broad umbrella.

The Indexes divide "Giano"’s ten years’ output into three parts. The titles of every article published are listed in order of publication, by author and, perhaps more unusually, by subject matter, thus providing a useful point of reference for those wishing to consult the series, which in its entirety counts 30 issues, almost 6,000 pages in twenty–eight volumes, with articles written by over 370 authors, including 60 non–Italians.

Those subscribers who feel strongly about "our" problems, readers with a certain social and political sensitivity, militant pacifists and ecologists, students of international, geopolitical, historical and legal studies, and peace researchers, will find valuable and highly accessible material at their fingertips: from formal documents to essays, from on the spot debates to in depth single subject discussions, from historical appraisals to critical analyses and descriptions of contemporary events. The sheer dimensions of the problems "Giano" attempts to cover and the multitude of subjects that arise are clear from the Indexes themselves. We are delighted to provide what is not only a supplement to the "Giano" series, but also an efficient and valid tool for consultation and research. Our editorial team would therefore like to express their heartfelt thanks to Mario Ronchi and Elisabetta Tuccinardi who have continued and gone on to perfect the work carried out by Fabio Alberti and published in "Giano" n. 14–15, covering the years 1989 to 1993.

The size and variety of our subject matter does not bring diffraction: the apparent starkness of the index lists belies a new de–regionalisation and de–nationalisation of critical approach and the tendency towards a new culture of anthropic and planetary globalisation. Our readers are aware that what we have achieved and our future work is carried out on a purely voluntary basis: there is no institution or organ behind us, no interests nor external financing. "Giano" is produced by a group of militant academics and non professional scholars. It co–ordinates other groups and a large number of individual researchers and experts. One common denominator links them all: the strong belief that today’s crisis in alternative hypotheses and experience is interwoven with and adds to a global crisis in history, and that the future can only bring increasing problems to the co–exisitence of human communities and their very perpetuation. Despite this, or indeed for this very reason, it is essential to prepare ourselves for whatever may come.

These convictions have sustained us through a decade marked by some extraordinary historical events and by a clear deterioration in the international sphere and the ‘state of the world’. They have taken the form of a commitment to analysis and the development of a new synthesis, which work with critical open–mindedness and the rejection of any form of orthodoxy even within the natural scope of a refractory left–wing that dares consider the most inauspicious perspectives and is therefore open to the most radical conclusions.

In 1989, when the first issue of "Giano" went to the presses, we declared ourselves in favour of an "open confrontation free of any form of political party conditioning and strictly independent of any State interests, with the single goal of creating a critical culture as an alternative to the systems of political and economical power which form the basis of the ultimate risk". We believe we have kept our pledge, and will continue to do so for old and new readers in future issues and in the years to come.

"Giano" has much to work on and much to express. We are constantly working on improvements: in 1999–2000 our editorial, distribution and promotional sections will be amplified, and our output will be enriched in two main spheres: our international content and scientific support.

At this stage we feel we can justifiably call upon the trust, collaboration and support of all those that welcome the image that these Decennial Indexes depict of "Giano".

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